✤ Ward Councelling ✤

About Ward Councelling

One of the revolutions in the present educational system is counseling. Though this was a continuous process in our ancient Gurukula System of education, in the present educational system it is changed into the different forms. One of such forms is ward counseling.

In this system the students will be divided into groups. Each group will contain 20 to 30 students. For every group there will be one In-charge faculty member. .

The concerned In-Charge lecturer will take care of these students by-

  1. Meeting them periodically
  2. Maintain their marks and other records
  3. Understanding the difficulties
  4. Solving their problems at various levels
  5. Arranging counseling classes by inviting special counselors
  6. Giving then tips to improve their performance in academics and other fields
  7. Contacting their Parents/Guardian etc
  8. Finding out the strengths and weaknesses of the students

Ward Councelling Activities